WatchLock – the first padlock with GPS


Do you think you know everything about GPS gadgets? You are wrong! Starcom systems – Israeli company has recently launched their latest product called WatchLock – the first padlock with GPS and GSM module… How does it work? The product is equipped with accelerometer – the one that allows you to play need for speed by moving your iPhone. When it detects the movement it launches the GPS and sends text message to predefined number.

I believe that it’s targeted mostly to the business clients however I can imagine to have my bike locked with this kind of gadgets gadget. I would have to be however very expensive bike because retail price of Watchlock will be probably much over $300 + monthly subscription for the web platform and GSM services.

One thing is sure: it’s definitely good quality – gsm and gps modules are provided by Swiss manufacturer u-blox.

Anyway, if the price does not scare you, you can still watch the video below.

source: Starcom Systems, U-blox


Aleks Buczkowski
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