Varia Rearview Radar: World’s First Cycling Radar


varia-garminEarlier this month, Garmin released it’s new product – Varia Rearview Bike Radar, a low-energy radar sensor that scans up to 140m behind a bicycle for traffic. Varia Rearview is the result of Garmin’s acquisition, earlier this year, of a South African bike radar startup ikubu which developed low-energy radar technology for bikers called Backtracker.

The startup had made quite an impact, last year, raising over $127,000 in a crowd-funding campaign. A few months after their unsuccessful bid to be crowd-funded, Garmin acquired the company. Six months later, we have the launch of Varia Rearview Bike Radar – the world’s first bike radar!


Bike Radar System – Varia Rearview

The radar system scans up to 140m  for incoming vehicles and then transmits this information to either a compatible Edge system or a standalone handlebar-mounted unit with an array of notification lights to warn you, the rider of the vehicle behind you and how fast it’s approaching, in addition to activating your back light to warn the vehicle of your presence.

The bike radar is an interesting idea and something that will definitely help the bikers. Perhaps in the future, we would see a system that also warns of collisions at intersections and other blind spots.

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