US cities can improve urban transport with free Waze Live Alerts


In 2016, Waze joined forces with Esri to help city officials improve their transportation systems. The partnership worked by facilitating a two-way information exchange through Waze’s Connected Citizens Program – making it easier for governments using Esri’s ArcGIS platform to access traffic data from Waze and push out information about construction and road closure, etc., to the crowdsourced navigation company easily.

Now, this partnership is broadening in its scope to include near real-time traffic updates from Waze in ArcGIS Marketplace for free. This means partner cities will now be able to access Waze’s live feed of mapped traffic alerts, accidents, congestion, street damage, etc., within minutes of an incident occurring.

“We want to help our partners leverage existing infrastructure and be able to make better data-driven decisions,” Adam Fried, Waze Global Partnerships manager, explains. So, traffic engineers can access and analyze this data to extract useful insights without having to write code or purchase additional software. All the innovation takes place right inside Esri’s ArcGIS platform with a couple of clicks.

For example, identifying the area of maximum vehicle crashes can help cities to plan remedial actions like placing more traffic personnel at the site or replacing the street signs. Similarly, authorities may be able to reduce congestion at a place by adjusting the timing of traffic lights.

Waze is not the only transportation company helping cities master their traffic. Uber offers traffic patterns and travel time information for several cities across the world with project Movement. London-based Citymapper is leveraging public-private collaboration to change the future of shared transport.

But for now, governments can sign up for the free Waze Connected Citizens Program by clicking here and start working with live data in ArcGIS to create operational dashboards that departments can use right away.

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