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map projections for kids book story by Ishveena Singh

Dad’s map projections picture book for kids is winning hearts on Kickstarter

US-based environmental scientist and cartographer Dan Ford spends most of his free time (after his toddler daughter goes to sleep) designing maps and studying...
top female founders world

Mapped: Most valuable female-founded companies across 102 countries

It’s no secret that female startup founders face negative attitudes during investment pitches. Men constitute the bulk of early-stage investors (90%), and research shows...
oldest restaurants map

This map shows the oldest restaurant in (almost) every country

If you are a foodie like me, you would agree that there’s a certain mystique attached to the oldest restaurants in the world. These...
world music day map spotify

Spotify world map shows most popular song named after every country

June 21 is World Music Day. Which means there’s no better time than now to go on a melodious journey around the world. With more...
tom cruise nasa space movie

Tom Cruise, NASA’s movie shoot in space: What we know so far

Love him or hate him, you cannot deny Tom Cruise has continuously pushed the envelope of action stunt work by a leading Hollywood actor....
Columbus map

Which map did Christopher Columbus use?

Christopher Columbus set sail from Spain on August 3, 1492, hoping to find a trade route to Asia. After spending more than two months...
Lego International Space Station

Space fans, this incredible 864-piece ISS Lego kit is for you!

Lego is dropping an exclusive 864-piece International Space Station model kit on February 1, 2020, and we cannot keep calm! The incredible spacecraft build set,...
Star Wars fans, have you jumped into hyperspace on Google Maps yet?

Star Wars fans, have you jumped into hyperspace on Google Maps yet?

With the last film in the Skywalker saga ending decades of storytelling, Google Maps has decided to do something special for Star Wars fans. Recognizing how traveling...

When Google Earth helped scientists discover 2 lost rainforests in Mozambique

Read how Google Earth imagery led to the discovery of not one but two unexplored rainforests in Mozambique, Africa... Discovering Mount Mabu: 2005 On November 8,...

How the crazy Japanese addressing system works, explained

Japan is a heady mix of the past, the present, and the future. And experiencing it for the first time can be pretty bewildering...

Leveraging Geospatial Tools and Technology to Document the Land Rights of Vulnerable Communities

Everyone deserves to be recognized and have their rights documented, especially when it comes to the land they live and work on. This statement...

How giving away empty addresses is helping fight homelessness

How can an empty address help fight homelessness? By definition, a homeless person is someone without a permanent residence, unable to acquire and maintain regular,...

Missed out on attending the Location Intelligence Event of the year? Here’s an...

CARTO held its second edition of the “CARTO Locations” event earlier this year in Madrid and in New York. CARTO Locations is a unique...

Meet Gather – the social startup that is using geospatial data and data science...

Over 2 billion people across the world use Facebook every day and close to 4.2 billion people have access to the internet (source). With...

Mapping the maps of 2018: Industry insiders share their vision

As GIS becomes all-pervasive with millions across the world using maps every day, the year ahead looks super exciting for the geospatial industry. While...