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Three GIS-based Travel Time Polygon Tools Compared

There are many ways to draw driving-time polygons on a map: desktop, web or cloud-based platforms all enable the creation of isochrone maps using...

CAD and GIS: Everything you need to know

  Construction designs, mine designs, power line documentation—so much can be and is done in the Computer-Aided Design (CAD) environment. As a geospatial professional working...

Why is nFrames acquisition by Esri huge news for the whole GIS industry?

Big news arrived at the turn of the last week when Esri acquired nFrames, a Stuttgart based photogrammetry software company. I believe that this...

Map shows 5.9 million US property owners unaware of flood risk

If you are a US citizen, you may want to recheck your home’s flood risk. A new national-level study has found that a total...

The geospatial industry has a branding problem: Adam Carnow

It’s high time that geospatial professionals changed their elevator pitch. When someone asks you at a party what you do for a living, do...

Enel X and HERE join hands to support COVID-19 emergency

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, wrote about the connection between health and location in about 400 BC. Taking a geographic view of health has...

Covid19 Impact on Barcelona Retail

What's the impact of covid19 on Barcelona retail? At Eixos Economic Observatory we’ve used our fieldwork data to shed light on the current covid19 lockdown...
Master's in GIS, Geo-informatics

Universities for Master’s in Geo-informatics/GIS

Are you thinking about pursuing Master's in GIS, Remote Sensing or Geoscience? Never think twice, we have made a comprehensive list of many universities...

GIS Day 2019: Here’s how top execs explain what they do

  GIS: These three unassuming letters have come to affect almost every aspect of our lives today. And yet, for non-GIS professionals, the framework that...
GIS Day special by Ishveena Singh

GIS Day 2019: A message from educators to future GIS practitioners

Thousands of geo-geeks around the globe celebrate GIS Day on the third Wednesday of November every year. It is an opportunity for schools, universities,...

A review of eSpatial, a GIS for businesses

When working with location data, we have to choose which GIS software may be best for the our projects. As more GIS alternatives to...

How the crazy Japanese addressing system works, explained

Japan is a heady mix of the past, the present, and the future. And experiencing it for the first time can be pretty bewildering...

Leveraging Geospatial Tools and Technology to Document the Land Rights of Vulnerable Communities

Everyone deserves to be recognized and have their rights documented, especially when it comes to the land they live and work on. This statement...

How accurate map database can prepare Japan for 40 million tourists?

Last year, a record 31.19 million tourists travelled to Japan. This made 2018 the sixth consecutive year to have registered an all-time high in...

Apply for the GIS Cloud’s GIS Day Contest 2018

Every year, thousands of Geogeeks worldwide celebrate International GIS Day. Guys at GIS Cloud are also joining the celebration by launching another GIS Day...