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Covid19 Impact on Barcelona Retail

What's the impact of covid19 on Barcelona retail? At Eixos Economic Observatory we’ve used our fieldwork data to shed light on the current covid19 lockdown...

The obstacles holding satellite remote sensing from going mainstream

Imagine it’s the early 80s. You meet one of your geeky friends, and he tells you about this fantastic new tech he’s working on: —...

Geoawesomeness’ most-read blogs and content of 2019

As 2019 draws to a close, it seems like a good time to dig into our site data and see which stories that we...

How Indoor Positioning is helping transform industries in 2019

The indoor positioning market reached $6.92 billion in 2017, and is estimated to grow to $23.6 billion by 2023 at a CAGR of 27.9%...

Building a Location Data Platform: Opportunities, Challenges and the Road Ahead in 2019

We’re in an incredibly exciting time in the location space, and in a critical moment for setting a course for this technology that avoids...

HD Maps: Moving Towards a New Safety Standard in Autonomous Driving

Far from being a novelty, car safety has been an important subject since the 19th century. From the invention of the hydraulic brake system...

Expanding Mapping Capabilities with Deep Learning

Last year I wrote about how computer vision is helping us harness the power of machines to understand the world, and how for updating...

Promoting Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Geospatial Industry in 2019

Data linked to location has the potential to change our lives for the better, improve our economy and create jobs. The geography of the...

Experts detail what to expect across geoindustries in 2019

2018 was an exciting year for the geospatial industry; Google Maps API pulling the rug from under developers’ feet notwithstanding. The power of crowdsourced...
Smart buildings are already here!

How Indoor mapping is going to change lives in 2019

Take a moment to think about everything that we’ve come to expect from our experiences outdoors. Our base expectations include things like efficient, intelligent...
SAR image of Lake Houston during Tropical Storm Harvey

Here’s why 2019 is poised to be an exciting year for Geospatial analytics

In the last five years, we’ve witnessed many incredible advances in the geospatial analytics industry. With the ability to launch dozens of small satellites...
How change detection is helping UPS workers navigate everday

The future of mapping is living maps

Over the past few decades messaging took over communication, broadcast video shifted to on-demand video, and operating systems took on entirely new forms in...

Mapping and Machines: Level up with AI

In a recent article, former Apple Maps designer Justin O’Beirne showed the stunning increase in coverage and detail of building outlines on Google Maps,...

The Quest for Insights: A Shift to Location Intelligence

The $5 billion dollar GIS and spatial analytics industry - expected to hit $10B by 2023 - has been dominated by legacy GIS tools...

The Challenges Facing Open Source GIS in 2018 and Boundless’ Plans for the Year

Over the last few years, technologies like the Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles, and sensors are capturing information that has never been captured before,...