Top 10 maps and charts that explain the British Royal Family


The British royal family has long been a source of fascination for the entire world. No other monarchy of any other nation sparkes the same level of excitement. This set of maps and charts will help you understand the phenomenon of the British royal family.

1. Royal Family tree and line of succession

source: BBC

2. The popularity of British Monarchy

source: Statista

3. Does the monarchy benefit the UK’s economy?

source: Statista

4. The Queen and the Commonwealth


5. Map of The British Commonwealth Of Nations

Update: Please note that the map is dated from 1942 when Ireland was still in the Commonwealth.

source: Digital Commonwealth

6. Map of Royal Residencies

source: Tes

7. The world’s 26 remaining¬†monarchies

source: Washington Post

8. Royal wedding vs average wedding


9. 2011 Royal Wedding social media reach


10. British royal babies at birth


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