This crowdsourcing app uses heatmaps to predict coronavirus outbreaks


anti corona app

A new anti-corona app, ‘STOP Corona!’ is inviting people from all across the world to report their medical symptoms online in order to create a predictive map of coronavirus (COVID-19) hotspots.

The app creators promise that any data (contact, location, and symptoms) they collect will be kept anonymous and shared only with local health authorities and the World Health Organization (WHO) to provide insights into potential coronavirus outbreaks.

If a potential outbreak is detected in your area, health authorities can then use the information you provided to reach out to you and perform the necessary tests to verify the coronavirus.

It should also be noted that once the collected data reaches 10% of the population in any particular region, the app will start displaying anonymized and aggregated symptom statistics to the public. This step is important because it will help to create awareness among the residents and urge them to double down on the precautionary measures against the coronavirus.

How does the app work? 

Using real-time location intelligence and machine learning, ‘STOP Corona!’ predicts patterns and locates hotspots of potential new outbreaks. If you and the people around you report their symptoms daily, the system can single out such areas with a high or increasing concentration of multiple reported symptoms, as an indicator of a potential outbreak.

anti corona app

‘STOP Corona!’ has been developed by Croatia-based GIS Cloud in collaboration with a team of experts, volunteers, and geospatial organizations from across the globe. The app, which collects data securely through an online form with SSL encryption, is completely free and has already been translated into 20 languages.

To learn more about the app and the team, visit the official website. You can also access the app directly from your desktop and mobile devices and report your symptoms here.

We also urge you to share this news with your network to help in this global effort of identifying hotspots of potential new coronavirus outbreaks. Stay home and stay safe!

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