StreetCred is rewarding community mapmakers in LA and NYC with Bitcoin


Remember StreetCred, #TheNextGeo startup on a mission to create an accessible database of places people care about? The crowdsourced mapping company has launched a geoawesome contest to accelerate map data collection in two of the biggest cities of the United States.

If you are a citizen of Los Angeles or New York City – or visiting either between June 21 to July 21 – you could win Bitcoin prizes in exchange for mapping points of interest (POI) such as museums, bars, etc., there. A total of 50 winners will be selected, with the top winner taking home up to $5,025 (0.47 BTC), depending on how many POI the community maps during the contest period. StreetCred is hoping to map at least 20,000 places in each city.

If you want to participate, all you have to do is download the StreetCred app on your iOS or Android device, and start generating or validating map data. You can earn points for creating, improving, and validating places throughout Los Angeles or New York City, including shopping, dining, outdoors, nightlife, and entertainment destinations. The Leaderboard feature on the app will let you monitor your progress.

When we interviewed StreetCred back in July 2018, Diana Shkolnikov, one of the core team members, mentioned lack of compelling contributor incentives as a prime issue facing data collection efforts. Community engagement contests like these, however, go a long way to solve the problem. And StreetCred knows that.

The startup’s first such contest was organized in New York City in Fall 2018 and saw participation by over 750 people. After that, the open-source mapping company organized similar contests during the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and in Austin earlier this year. For the ongoing contests in Los Angeles and New York City, StreetCred has roped in GIS giant Esri as the title sponsor.

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