PokeVision: The real-time Pokemon Go map you’ve been wanting

Map or no map, Gotta catch em all, right? ;)


Yes, we are still talking about Pokemon Go! So now that we got that out of the way, here’s something that most of us missed – a real-time map of the Pokemon Go universe (at least I didn’t know one existing until this afternoon)!

[Update: Pokevision isn’t working since a while (Ninatic closed their APIs). Check out PokeRadar – a really cool crowdsourced real-time PokemonGo map 🙂 ]

Poke´Vision – The real-time map of the Pokemon GO universe

PokeVision uses the API from Niantic (the folks behind the game) to get the location of all the Pokemon near you (or the world if you prefer) and shows them on a map with a nice little timer to show you how long you have before the Pokémon disappears. The map tiles and Geocoder for PokeVision are based on Esri tech and the tiles seem to be rendered using Leaflet JS.


Pokemon GO has been plagued by so many server outages because of the massive popularity of the game that its possible that map is broken when you try to check it out. Case in point –

PokeVision is certainly worth checking out! But then Map or no map, Gotta catch em all, right? 😉


After a recent update by Niantic the PokeVision and other Pokémon map tools stopped working. Read more here.

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