Pebble Core is a new GPS tracking cube which you will love


Pebble Core 2

Pebble – a company that invented a smartwatch has just released a new gadget which will be appreciated by every GeoGeek.

Pebble Core is a GPS tracking wearable for runners. It’s a small, square-shaped dongle, of a size a bit bigger than iPod shuffle, that can be attached to user’s clothes, bike or bag with a magnetised leather clip.

Pebble Core 1

The device has no display but it can store up to 4GB of music and act as an MP3 player. But that’s not all. The Core is equipped with a 3G modem (for micro SIM card) that allowed Pebble to introduce several features not available on any other device of that size.

Pebble Core 3The company partnered with Spotify to offer music streaming over 3G (or WiFi). You can also call a Uber, or send an SMS and location-based emergency SOS alert. It’s already pretty impressive. When you add to this equation that Core is compatible with the majority of fitness tracking apps like Runkeeper, Strava, Under Armour Record, MapMyRun and Google Fit, the device becomes easily on the most interesting gadgets in that segment competing directly with TomTom and Garmin.

Pebble Core launched on Kickstarter last week and will sell for $79 to start (and then retail for $99). The company expects to ship in early 2017.

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