Mapping the MOOD of a Nation- ‘Socio-Spatial Analytics’


nation moodI have always had interest in ‘socio-spatial analytics’, I had wanted to carry out a research I called business intelligence analytics from tweets.

I also was trying out another research to determine individual’s ‘Socio-spatial scope’ based on individual’s socio-spatial interest foraged from individual’s social network activities.

An interesting one here has come from some British scientists at the Loughborough University who developed an application that could map the mood in the nation leveraging people’s tweets and social network conversations.

The system can scan up to 2000 tweets per second and rate the expressions for any of the 8 human emotions. The system can extract direct expression of anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, surprise, shame and confusion from each tweet.

Considering the growth in the number of tweets per day which runs to 340 million tweets per day, national mood estimation from tweets is most probable.

Making sense of the emotions in people’s expression through tweets and geo-locating where these tweets originate would lead to a sensible evaluation of the prevailing mood within a geographic area.

The scientists believe that the system could help in monitoring and controlling civil unrest and also in detecting early threats to public safety.

The system is currently in use in the UK and could be scaled-up for a global use.

Very similar to the Pulse of the Nation program; inferring US mood through the day from tweet.

See the Video below..


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