Mapped: Most valuable female-founded companies across 102 countries


It’s no secret that female startup founders face negative attitudes during investment pitches. Men constitute the bulk of early-stage investors (90%), and research shows that investors question women entrepreneurs more about the risk and losses associated with their ventures. This, when men are queried about their ambitions and achievements.

Interestingly, prejudiced investors are losing out of because of their bias. Data and evidence prove that female founders deliver higher profits; run more socially responsible businesses; and are driven by ideas more than money, which makes better business sense for long-term success.

But who are these high-achieving women entrepreneurs are and what they do?

An analysis of Crunchbase data by BusinessFinancing has found that these the top 10 female founders in the world who have received the largest funding hauls from investors:

And here are the top female founders across 102 countries:

top female founders world

Let’s dig in deeper.


In Europe, Victoria van Lennep has raised over $1 billion for her company Lendable that uses machine learning tech to automate credit decisions, offering customers fairer loan rates. Other popular startup sectors in Europe are biotech and gaming.

top female founders world

North America

Rebekah Neumann raised nearly $20 billion for The We Company, the parent company of WeWork, before stepping down in 2019 amidst controversy. E-commerce and business software companies are popular among female founders in North female founders world

South America

Fact: Cristina Junqueira’s water broke in the office during the initial months of her fintech startup Nubank. The female co-founder continued answering calls all the way to the hospital.

top female founders world

The Middle East & Central Asia

Here, Miri Ratner has raised $188m for Vayyar, an Israeli company that designed a ‘4D imaging’ technology to detect breast cancer.

top female founders world

The Rest of Asia & Oceania

The world’s top female founder, Lucy Peng, comes from here. As the sole founder of Ant Financial Services – Alibaba’s online finance outfit – Peng has raised $22 billion to date.

top female founders world


In Africa, Audrey Desiderato is the one to raise the most funding: $81.3 million. Her Kenyan company, SunFunder, funds solar energy companies in sub-Saharan Africa to provide power to areas without reliable electricity access.

top female founders world

The story of female startup founders may be of triumph over adversity, but it is just the beginning.