Space fans, this incredible 864-piece ISS Lego kit is for you!


Lego International Space Station

Lego is dropping an exclusive 864-piece International Space Station model kit on February 1, 2020, and we cannot keep calm!

The incredible spacecraft build set, which is priced at $69.99, will come packed with authentic ISS details, including a movable robotic arm that mimics Canadarm2 and two rotating joints that coincide with 8 adjustable ‘solar panels’ – the energy source of the ISS. You will also get a mini NASA space shuttle, three mini cargo spacecraft, and two astronaut micro-figurines to complete the look and create a striking centerpiece for any room.

Lego International Space Station

Since the real ISS is complex and ever-evolving, Lego roped in NASA experts to approve the final design of the model kit. And in a crazy marketing stunt, the company even sent a completed model to the outer stratosphere in a high-altitude balloon!

The kit intends to commemorate 20 years of human presence aboard the International Space Station. It has been conceived and designed by longtime Lego fan and space enthusiast Christophe Ruge.

Ruge is a member of the Lego Ideas community, which encourages fans to create their own models and submit them for voting on the Lego website. The most popular designs receive a chance to be converted into a buildable Lego model for all. The first model Ruge created of the ISS was much larger; it took three and a half years to complete.

Lego International Space Station

“I studied the International Space Station for several years while building my larger model. I was amazed to see how ingenious it was designed. Especially the totally modular concept is like playing with Lego bricks in space. They are indeed rearranging the modules of the station up there every now and then – and that’s what you can do with the model down here as well,” says Ruge, a 42-year-old computer engineer from Germany.

The Lego ISS kit is aimed at ages 16 and above, given the design intricacies. Illustrated instructions are included, along with a 148-page booklet that contains fascinating ISS facts.

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