Geotoko – managing multiple location-based marketing campaigns.


Geotoko is a location based marketing platform using services like Foursquare, Gowalla, Facebook places, Yelp or Twitter to allow brands, business and agencies to create their own branded location-based promotions. Founders of Geotoko realized that managing deals in multiple location-based services might be challenging and by leveraging existing API’s, they have created platform that integrates all of them in one. By creating simple self serve tools to create, manage and track promotional campaigns and reward loyal costumers, Geotoko aims to reduce the friction for businesses to get into the growing geo-location trend.

Geotoko allows to:

  • Build Promotions On Multiple Location-Based Platforms – With Geotoko’s easy-to-use campaign wizard, you can create engaging location-based promotions for Foursquare, Facebook Places & Gowalla within minutes.
  • Live Visitor Tracking & Heat Map Technology – Get access to powerful real-time location analytics, analyze user check-in behavior and gather competitive intelligence using Geotoko’s Heat Map technology.
  • Manage Multiple Locations In One Place – Easily upload and manage thousands of locations on one powerful platform. We’ll automatically match your locations to venues on Foursquare & Facebook Places.

Besides integrating most popular platforms Geotoko provides users with tools to perform analysis of the campaign: real-time analytics to measure your campaign’s performance and ROI, customers’ behavior, and how various locations and services perform.

Watch a demo of Geotoko:

Watch an interview with Adarsh Pallian – co-founder and CEO of Geotoko:


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