Geospatial jobs of the week: NCDIT, BGS, Merrick, UCSF are hiring


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Featured Jobs

N.C. Department of Information Technology: GIS Coordination Program Manager
📍 Wake County, NC, US

This position is responsible for the coordination of geographic information activities and administration of the coordination program, under the direction of the Director of the Center for Geographic Information and Analysis (CGIA), part of the DIT Government Data Analytics Center Director, and as guided by the NC Geographic Information Coordinating Council (GICC). The work of this position involves program management, strategic planning, partnership development/maintenance, policy analysis, outreach, and research of GIS issues and related technology.

ERM: GIS Consultant (Associate Level)
📍 Melbourne/Brisbane, Australia

Merrick: GIS Technician II
📍 Duluth, GA, US

British Geological Survey: GIS Developer
📍 Nottingham, UK

Snohomish County: GIS Analyst, Principal
📍 Everett, WA, US

UC San Francisco: Data Manager
📍 San Francisco, US

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