Foursquare Website Adds Venue Search By Price, Hours, And Check-ins


For sometime already Foursquare is slowly moving from check-in service to local-social discovery tool becoming more and more similar to Yelp. On Friday 4sq launched a new feature for its website: location filters. There are multiple filters to choose from, including Specials, Haven’t Been, Friends, Price, Open Now, and Saved. Advanced filtering is something that should have been there from the beginning  as Yelp users have enjoyed advanced sorting for years already. But I find this one much more useful. You can search for places where you haven’t been, and where your friends are checking-in. You can as well save places and create something like to-go list of venues to visit… I think that this update will finally make me use Foursquare not only as a location-sharing app but also as discovery tool to plan my night-life. It’s important to mention that Foursquare only update the web version on the service with no details about the mobile app.


source: Foursqaure

Aleks Buczkowski
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