Drone Aerobatics – SenseFly Mapping the Impossible!


sensefly-450x256In recent times one of the most interesting innovations in mapping technologies is the technology of tiny civil drones.

For Sometimes now, I and a friend have been foraging the web in search of the best of this technology and contemplating seriously on acquiring one as soon as possible.

For me, SenseFly is making a lot sense right now as they have added additional solution for capturing amazing oblique aerial images without the use of the camera gimbal.

SenseFly’s eBee drone and Swinglet CAM designed for mapping missions are now able to quickly acquire great oblique images to complement your mapping project courtesy of the drone aerobatics solution inbuilt.

These amazing oblique images can become very handy for additional documentation about the project and for reporting.


According to parrot.com, this patent pending technology is based on a propriatary control algorithm that takes oblique images of photo targets without the need of a camera gimbal, enabling senseFly’s ultralight mapping drones to take aerial shots with up to 45° inclination from the photo target.

The algorithms running onboard the drone’s autopilot automatically place and orient the drone based on the defined image resolution and inclination (0-45°) selected by the operator. The drone then adapts its trajectory according to local wind and target altitude.

Having a system that positions the camera autonomously with respect to the photo target enables senseFly’s drone systems to take precise oblique images without the need for live video feedback or a camera gimbal.

As these new techniques do not require any hardware changes, this novelty is freely available to the full community of eBee and swinglet CAM (late 2012 model) users with the new release of eMotion 2.2.

Beside creating stunning visuals, senseFly’s latest release of Postflight Terra 3D will enable users to go one step further and add these oblique images to a standard mapping flight, adding visibility to facades and vertical surfaces.

A word from the CTO, video below:

Source: Parrot.com


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