Convert GIS files online with a new tool by Golden Software


How frustrating is it to convert GIS files to a new format… well I guess that everyone who played around less popular spatial formats knows that it can be a real pain in the neck…

Golden Software – the company behind couple of well-known GIS and geo-visualization applications like Surfer and MapViewer, has addressed this problem. Golden Software has just released a new online conversion tool that you’ve been waiting for.

It allows for simple convention between multiple GIS formats both vector, raster and grid. The list of supported formats is really long. In order to start you need to just drag and drop your files and select input and output formats.

The tool is available for free, it looks like it is prepared for billing though. In order to start you need to create a free account first.

Golden Software - convertion tool - Geoawesomeness


source: Geoforum

Aleks Buczkowski
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