Cloak – location-based anti-social app lets you avoid annoying friends and exes


screen568x568 (1)Mass usage of location-based networks and apps has a certain risk… unintentionally you might give strangers easy access to you sensitive private data about where you are. And there are a lot of strange people out there…

But the era where most smartphone users share their location creates the opportunity… to avoid particular people who you wish not to meet. This is the idea behind the Cloak – the first anti-social location-based app to avoid exes, co-workers, that guy who likes to stop and chat, basically anyone you’d rather not run into.

The app pulls in location information from your social networks and show you where friends are so you can avoid accidentally bumping into them. If there’s someone you want to avoid, select “flag” and the app will alert you when that person gets within a certain radius of you.

The only problem is that currently Cloak works only with location data from Foursquare and Instagram. No Facebook or Twitter for now which is a huge drawback, as FB is currently the largest location-based social network in the world but Cloak team is said to be working adding FB to the app.

I must say that I really the idea behind Cloak. In the work of social networks where we are allowed only to ‘Like’ everything it is somehow very refreshing to build an app related to negative emotions, but allowing to feel them anonymously which out sharing them to the whole world. Cool idea and great implementation.