Citymaps Gets Underway with a Global Social Mapping Platform


 citymaps-newCitymaps has stunningly joined the global crowd-sourced map creation race. Citymaps is a new crowd-sourced social mapping platform that allows you create and share maps of your favorite and familiar places.

Leveraging the power of the crowd-in-cloud to create up-to-date, detailed and beautiful online social maps is the concept.

Map creation by people who know the areas best, such as in the case of OSM is the awesome idea. Users can easily explore every place around them at a glance, create and share wonderful maps with friends. Citymaps highlights the concept of personalized map-making, no two user’s maps looks exactly the same. it is a social map-making environment at its core.

The following are the major core functions Citymaps provides to the users:

  • Quickly create maps of their favorite places on the go
  • Collaborate with their friends on group maps
  • Explore a library of maps by friends, locals, and publishers
  • Share maps and locations via email, social, or SMS.

Presently Citymaps is available for free on iPhone in the Apple App Store and in the Citymaps website, the Android version will be available soon.

Take a glance at this video and have a feel at how it works! Have a great mapping time with Citymaps.


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