ArcGIS Excalibur – a new Imagery Analysis tool from Esri


Innovative thinking has always been Esri’s prerogative, making it an undisputed leader in mapping and location intelligence tools. ArcGIS is probably the best tool available under the sun for analysis of geospatial data. Imagery is a pervasive data source used for geographic context, visualization and analysis, and ArcGIS is equipped with well-defined capabilities to aid in image processing as well. Taking its capabilities in image analysis further, Esri has announced the addition of a new imagery exploitation tool, ArcGIS Excalibur, to its repertoire.

ArcGIS Excalibur is designed to streamline search, discovery and image analysis for Esri ArcGIS Enterprise customers. Esri has developed this tool in partnerships with BAE Systems, Harris Geospatial, HawkEye 360 and Microsoft.This tool is another step by Esri to enable users to work with various types of geospatial data. It has been actively entering into partnerships with companies supplying data from satellites and other sources to enable analysis of a wide array of geospatial data, and ArcGIS Excalibur is another important step in this direction.

Important functionalities of ArcGIS Excalibur 

As explained by Esri, ArcGIS Excalibur provides users with tools and capabilities for streamlining image and geospatial analysis. Powered by Image Server, it enables users to perform on-the-fly processing and dynamic enhancements through raster functions.

ArcGIS Excalibur enables users to:

  • Perform image interpretation and exploitation including dynamic image manipulation, enhancements and measurements.
  • Work with orthorectified and oblique imagery side-by-side.
  • Enable feature creation and editing capabilities.
Image Courtesy: Esri

ArcGIS Excalibur also introduces the concept of an imagery project. An imagery project is a dynamic way for users to organize resources that are required to complete an image-based task in a single location. With Excalibur, the user can create imagery projects with geospatial reference layers and use a set of tools to streamline image-based workflows in a focused and efficient manner.

Image Courtesy: Esri

That’s not all. With ArcGIS Excalibur users can also create and share imagery reports to determine patterns of activity, indications and warnings, and improved understanding and insights.

ArcGIS Excalibur
Image Courtesy: Esri

Imagery analysis is vital for effective decision making and the field will surely gain strength in times to come with leaders like Esri, not only adding more functionalities to its existing tools but also developing new ones through valuable partnerships.