AIDA 2.0 – 3D, Interactive Dashboard Car Navigation



AIDA 1.0
In 2009, MIT and Audi researchers created AIDA, which stands for Affective Intelligent Driving Agent. The first generation of the project produced a somewhat creepy and ‘very friendly’  in-car robot. AIDA 2.0 – the second generation of the project looks however  more like the product of a science fiction movie. It uses 3D graphics projectors to display interactive map on a dashboard of a car!
AIDA 2.0 identifies goals of the driver? 
AIDA 2.0 is meant to be a highly intuitive navigation technology that using the current location-destination-waypoint model and analyzing drivers behavior will identify goals the driver would like to achieve. That means it tries to help you locate food you like when you’re hungry, movies you might like to see, or places you might like to shop. It will be as well connected will social networks so that the driver will be informened not only about places nearby that may be of particular interest but as well about people, friends and family.
AIDA 2.0

AIDA 2.0 learns your habits? 

AIDA 2.0 allows for a gesture controlled display that also handles the stereo and climate controls. It’s designed to learn your driving habits, preferred destinations, and typical routes. It offers you advice for your trip by determining your objectives and goals. It learns things like your favorite restaurants and activities and will make suggestions to you based upon your favorites. The more you use the system, the better it becomes. It “learns” more about what you want to do, see, and where you want to go. The display on the dashboard is optimized to help you achieve those driving goals. It takes into account real time weather and road conditions, including traffic delays. Using 3D graphics and a detailed map of the surrounding business, residential, and shopping districts, AIDA 2.0’s truly stellar feature is the virtual display: it uses the whole of the car’s dashboard and side mirrors to display and relay information.
Things that we used to watch in the sci-fi movies are now existing technologies. AIDA 2.0 is aiming to redefine the way we look at navigation systems.  We will see if the concept succeed.
Aleks Buczkowski
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