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Global wind data from ESA’s Aeolus satellite is now public

Aeolus, the wind satellite launched by the European Space Agency (ESA) in August 2018, is ready to share its novel observations with the world....

With the new location feeds Twitter is finally making use of geographic information

We've been always complaining about the way Twitter uses location information. Although a huge number of users geotag their tweets, Twitter was never able to...

OpenStreetMap Visualization: How much has OSM grown in the last ten years?

OpenStreetMap - the "wikipedia of mapping", launched in July 2004 is slowly becoming the mainstream map data platform behind many mobile apps and websites. (Related:...

#GeoawesomeQuiz 24 – Can you recognise a city based on its tweet map?

Sometime ago we wrote about an amazing map of all tweets ever tweeted by Eric Fischer from Mapbox. We took Eric's map and made...

The map shows locations of all Flickr photos from last 10 years

Eric Fischer from Mapbox has been working on a number of cool geo visualization projects over last years. This time he created something really...

1.5 Million Walks, Runs, and Bike Rides from RunKeeper mapped on Mapbox

Two Mapbox developers Garrett Miller & Eric Fischer worked on a cool project. They've pulled some data from RunKeeper, a jogging app that recently partnered...

Amazing interactive map of 6.3 billion geotagged tweets

Data artist and software developer Eric Fischer, who used to work as an engineer on Google’s Android team, put together an amazing mapping project....
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